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General German - Intermediate, online

Level:Intermediate (B1)Unsure about your proficiency? Take an online proficiency test.
Date:03/10/ – 30/01/
Day:ThursdayNumber of meetings:16
Time:16:29 – 17:59 (90 minutes)45min. lessons:32
Intesity:1 × per weekNumber of participants:maximum 8 persons
Instructor:Course code:23725

Price:4,950 CZK  
9,150 CZK 9,900 CZK (DISCOUNT 750 CZK)

How does an online course work?

Each lesson is a videoconference between the students and their teacher. You need internet connection and a smart phone, tablet or computer. No need to install anything, you just click the link and connect to the lesson.

This is a new course. It is not directly linked to any course in the previous semester and is therefore ideal for new students.

What is the entry level of this course?

The course is designed for students for whom the following statement is true:
I can speak about basic things like work, family and school. I can ask and answer simple questions. I can write an e-mail to book accommodation for my holiday and I can read the answer.


Who will lead the course?

The course is taught by a native speaker.

How does the teaching work?

  • You will speak only German
  • You will practice all the basic language skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening)

How do I determine my language level?


Výuka probíhá online. Stačí vám připojení k internetu a chytrý telefon, tablet nebo počítač. Nemusíte nic instalovat, stačí kliknout na odkaz, který vám pošleme. A můžete se začít učit odkudkoli, bez nutnosti cestovat do našich učeben.

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Price: 4,950 CZK  
9,150 CZK 9,900 CZK (DISCOUNT 750 CZK)

Course textbooks

Menschen B1 ebook.jpg

Elektronická učebnice Menschen B1 Kursbuch

Required - Main coursebook used in course

300 CZK

Menschen B1 ebook.jpg

Elektronická učebnice Menschen B1 Arbeitsbuch

Recommended - these coursebooks can be used in course

300 CZK