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English Conversation - Advanced

Level:Advanced (C1)Unsure about your proficiency? Take an online proficiency test.
Location:ANDĚL - Na Bělidle, Na Bělidle 28, Praha 5
Date:09/10/ – 05/02/
Day:MondayNumber of meetings:16
Time:17:00 – 18:30 (90 minutes)45min. lessons:32
Intesity:1 × per weekNumber of participants:maximum 10 persons
Instructor:Sam Abrams (Native speaker)Course code:21593

Price:3,250 CZK 5,450 CZK (DISCOUNT 2200 CZK) 
9,950 CZK 10,900 CZK (DISCOUNT 950 CZK)

What is the entry level of this course?

The course is designed for students for whom the following statement is true:
I feel I can manage the essential areas of the language. I would like to expand my vocabulary and go more deeply into grammar. I'd like to talk with a native speaker and then discuss with him/her where I made mistakes.

Who will lead the course?

The teacher is a native speaker who does not speak Czech.

What I will learn?

  • You will speak only in English
  • The course is designed for students who need to talk and don’t want to put emphasis on grammar

How does the teaching work?

  • Less attention will be paid to grammar than in general English courses. The teacher will explain any grammar that gives the students trouble and which inhibits conversation
  • Every lesson, the conversation will take place on a different topic, to be selected at the beginning of the course
  • The teacher will offer a list of topics from which you can choose during the first class. Students can also suggest themes.

What else I need too know?

Your teacher will combine various materials from different sources – Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, News, Conversation books


ANDĚL, Na Bělidle 28, Praha 5

  • Doprava MHD: Metro trasa B, Anděl a pak pěšky asi 4 minuty
  • Doprava autem: Parkování v modré zóně na parkovacích hodinách nebo v podzemních garážích OC Nový Smíchov

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Price: 3,250 CZK 5,450 CZK (DISCOUNT 2200 CZK) 
9,950 CZK 10,900 CZK (DISCOUNT 950 CZK)

Who is the instructor?


Sam Abrams

Sam Abrams je zkušený lektor angličtiny z USA. Na Eastern Washington University vystudoval obor Business Management. Sam se věnuje výuce od roku 2019 a vedl kurzy v Japonsku, Itálii, na Ukrajině a v Thajsku. Má zkušenosti s výukou jak dospělých, tak dětí a dospívajících. Sam je držitelem certifikátu TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). V Samových lekcích oceníte zejména jeho nekonečnou trpělivost.