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Czech for foreigners - Elementary

Level:Elementary (A2)Unsure about your proficiency? Take an online proficiency test.
Location:NÁM. MÍRU - Slezská, SLEZSKÁ 1, Praha 2
Date:14/10/ – 17/02/
Day:ThursdayNumber of meetings:16
Time:18:40 – 20:10 (90 minutes)45min. lessons:32
Intesity:1 × per weekNumber of participants:maximum 10 persons
Instructor:Alžběta Dvořáková (Czech instructor)Course code:17094

Price:3,950 CZK 4,950 CZK (DISCOUNT 1000 CZK) 
9,450 CZK 9,900 CZK (DISCOUNT 450 CZK)

This is a new course. It is not directly linked to any course in the previous semester and is therefore ideal for new students.

What is the entry level of this course?

The course is designed for students for whom the following statement is true:
I've tried taking lessons, maybe even several times, but I always stopped somewhere in the middle of the book. I feel like I need to start over again.

The textbook for this course is Čestina Express A1.

Who will lead the course?

The course is taught by a Czech teacher.

How does the teaching work?

  • The teacher will communicate with you primarily in Czech, however, they will switch to English when neccessary
  • You will practice all the basic language skills with the focus on communication skills, i.e. speaking and listening

How do I determine my language level?

If you’re not sure whether or not you've chosen the right course for your language level, you can try our online test



  • Doprava MHD: Metro trasa A, Nám. Míru (1 min. pěšky od zastávky)
  • Doprava autem: Parkování v modré zóně na parkovacích hodinách.

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Price: 3,950 CZK 4,950 CZK (DISCOUNT 1000 CZK) 
9,450 CZK 9,900 CZK (DISCOUNT 450 CZK)

Who is the instructor?


Alžběta Dvořáková

Alžběta Dvořáková graduated with a master's degree in Czech studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. She has extensive experience in teaching Czech to foreigners from language schools in Prague. In addition to teaching, she also works in translation and is the author of several children's books.

Course textbooks

Čeština Express A1.2.png

Čeština Express 2 (A1/2)

Required - Main coursebook used in course

440 CZK