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General English - Beginners

Level:Beginner (A1)Unsure about your proficiency? Take an online proficiency test.
Location:DEJVICKÁ - Santinka, nám. Na Santince 2,
Date:03/10/ – 30/01/
Time:17:00 – 18:30 (90 minutes)Number of lessons:32
Intesity:1 × per weekNumber of participants:maximum 12 persons
Instructor:Terezie Hroudová (Czech instructor)Course code:13939

Price:3,950 CZK  
7,490 CZK 7,900 CZK (DISCOUNT 410 CZK)

What is the entry level of this course?
The course is designed for students for whom the following statement is true:
I have never formally studied this language. I might know a few words, but that's all.

Who will teach the course?
The course is taught by a Czech teacher.

What will I learn in this course? How will the course be taught?

  • You’ll find more information about what you'll learn in the course here: Sylabus_AJ_A1_I?2016.pdf
  • The teacher will communicate with you primarily in Czech,
    during practice, however, they will try to communincate in English as much as possible,
    In addition, the teacher will often repeat in English what he/she said in Czech.
  • You will practice all the basic language skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening)
Price: 3,950 CZK  
7,490 CZK 7,900 CZK (DISCOUNT 410 CZK)

Who is the instructor?


Terezie Hroudová

Lektorka Terezie Hroudová vystudovala Anglofonní studia a nyní se věnuje oboru Mezinárodní vztahy. V rámci studií strávila rok v USA a semestr na univerzitě v Magdeburgu. Terezie vyučuje angličtinu a němčinu.

Course textbooks

Beginner Multipack A.jpg

English File FOURTH edition Beginner Multipack A

Required - Main coursebook used in course

450 CZK