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General English - Pre-Intermediate

Level:Pre-Intermediate (B1-)Unsure about your proficiency? Take an online proficiency test.
Location:DEJVICKÁ - Santinka, nám. Na Santince 2,
Date:03/10/ – 30/01/
Time:08:30 – 10:00 (90 minutes)Number of lessons:32
Intesity:1 × per weekNumber of participants:maximum 12 persons
Instructor:Karla Šmídková (Czech instructor)Course code:13594

Price:3,950 CZK  
7,490 CZK 7,900 CZK (DISCOUNT 410 CZK)

What is the entry level of this course?
The course is designed for students for whom the following statement is true:
I finished the first textbook and I still remember something. I can put together a simple meaningful sentence; I can answer in broken English when someone asks a question.

Who will teach this course
The course is taught by a Czech teacher.

What will I learn in this course? How will the course be taught?

  • You’ll find more information about what you'll learn in the course here:Sylabus_AJ_B11_I.pdf
  • Conversation between you and the teacher will be in English; during grammar explanations and whenever necessary, the teacher will speak Czech
  • You will practice all the basic language skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening)

If you’re not sure whether or not you've chosen the right course for your language level:

Price: 3,950 CZK  
7,490 CZK 7,900 CZK (DISCOUNT 410 CZK)

Who is the instructor?

Smidkova, Karla_300x300.jpg

Karla Šmídková

Karla Šmídková vystudovala Pedagogickou fakultu UK a psychologii na FF UK v Praze. Má více než patnáctiletou praxi ve výuce angličtiny, zejména ve veřejných kurzech. Kromě toho vyučuje i češtinu pro cizince a působí také jako překladatelka.

Course textbooks

Pre_Intermediate SB.jpg

English File FOURTH edition Pre-Intermediate Student's Book

Required - Main coursebook used in course

570 CZK

Pre_Intermediate Workbook.jpg

English File FOURTH edition Pre-Intermediate Workbook

Recommended - these coursebooks can be used in course

340 CZK