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English Conversation - Pre-Intermediate

Level:Pre-Intermediate (B1-)Unsure about your proficiency? Take an online proficiency test..
Location:FLORENC, Ke Štvanici 4, Praha 8
Date:06/08/ – 29/08/
Day:Tuesday, Thursday
Time:17:45 – 20:00 (135 minutes)Number of lessons:24
Intesity:2 × per weekNumber of participants:maximum 9 persons
Instructor:Diana Vozabulová (Czech instructor)Course code:12886

Price:2,990 CZK  Sold out

What do I already know?

  • You manage to follow basic conversation that is slowly spoken
  • You understand basic phrases in common conversation, you manage to characterize people and things
  • You can ask simple question and answer them
  • You know basic grammar points

Books and Material

  • The combination of various materials from different sources – Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, News, Convesation books

How will the course be taught?

  • You will speak English as much as possible
  • You will have a Czech teacher who, if necessary, can explain issues in Czech (Czech will be used to the minimum extent possible)
  • The course is designed for students who need to talk and don’t want to put emphasis on grammar
  • Less attention will be paid to grammar than in general English courses. The teacher will explain any grammar that gives the students trouble and which inhibits conversation
  • Every lesson, the conversation will take place on a different topic, to be selected at the beginning of the course
  • The teacher will offer a list of topics from which you can choose during the first class. Students can also suggest themes.

Who is the teacher?

Diana Vozabulová

Lektorka Diana Vozabulová vystudovala magisterský obor Historie na FF UK a současně studuje obor Anglický jazyk a filologie. Jako učitelka angličtiny má zkušenosti z práce pro jazykovou školu Univerzity Karlovy, ale také ze střední školy v Praze a soukromých lekcí. Diana se specializuje na výuku ve firmách a na kurzy angličtiny pro děti, včetně mateřských školek.