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English Conversation - Pre-Intermediate

Level:Pre-Intermediate (B1-)Unsure about your proficiency? Take an online proficiency test..
Location:VYSOČANSKÁ, Kolbenova 1, Praha 9
Date:27/02/ – 26/06/
Time:18:40 – 20:10 (90 minutes)Number of lessons:32
Intesity:1 × per weekNumber of participants:maximum 9 persons
Instructor:Petra Mündelová (Czech instructor)Course code:12435

Price:1,690 CZK 3,850 CZK (DISCOUNT 2160 CZK) 
7,290 CZK 7,700 CZK (DISCOUNT 410 CZK)

What do I already know?

  • You manage to follow basic conversation that is slowly spoken
  • You understand basic phrases in common conversation, you manage to characterize people and things
  • You can ask simple question and answer them
  • You know basic grammar points

Books and Material

  • The combination of various materials from different sources – Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, News, Convesation books

How will the course be taught?

  • You will speak English as much as possible
  • You will have a Czech teacher who, if necessary, can explain issues in Czech (Czech will be used to the minimum extent possible)
  • The course is designed for students who need to talk and don’t want to put emphasis on grammar
  • Less attention will be paid to grammar than in general English courses. The teacher will explain any grammar that gives the students trouble and which inhibits conversation
  • Every lesson, the conversation will take place on a different topic, to be selected at the beginning of the course
  • The teacher will offer a list of topics from which you can choose during the first class. Students can also suggest themes.
Price: 1,690 CZK 3,850 CZK (DISCOUNT 2160 CZK) 
7,290 CZK 7,700 CZK (DISCOUNT 410 CZK)

Who is the teacher?

Mundelova, Petra_300x300.jpg

Petra Mündelová

Petra Mündelová je mladá, nadšená lektorka angličtiny. Vystudovala Uměleckořemeslné disciplíny na Pedagogické fakultě v Hradci Králové. Pracovala jako lektorka v muzeu textilu či v zájmovém kroužku. Nyní pracuje v mateřské škole a vyučuje angličtinu ve školce a děti ze základní školy. Petra absolvovala lektorský kurz TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) a věnuje se výuce všech typů kurzů.